Sample of Spanking in Novels: Over 18



Seeds of Destiny  by Theresa Conway   

  •  Publisher: Jove Pubns; (April 1989)

It all started with Scarlett O’Hara, who was not spanked by Rhett, but, as we all know, should have been.  Even Rhett knew she should have been.  After their marriage and birth of a daughter, Scarlett proves herself less than patient: “Scarlett was inclined to be irritated with the child and favored a spanking.  She would not humor her by leaving a lamp burning in the nursery, for then Wade and Ella would be unable to sleep.  Rhett, worried but gentle, attempting to extract further information from his daughter, said coldly that if any spanking were done, he would do it personally and to Scarlett.” If only!!!

 But no worries, for the legacy of Scarlett and Rhett lives on in the proliferation of rogue heroes and spoiled vixens who populate the romance novel world. What Margaret Mitchell omitted others are happy to give and romance novels consequently offer a cornucopia of spanking thrills.  Before there was the internet, there were Romance novels for the girl in search of a spanking!!!  We will review the best of them here.  It would be a worthwhile study to explore just WHY so many spankings figure in these books, I mean, what is the DEAL?   Whatever the reason it is obvious that no Romance novel is complete without one.  The scene is always the same:  spoiled brat heroine runs up against hard and virile but dashing hero and gets her due.  Usually this happens while they still hate each other, and the virile guy is at his wit’s end. although some do occur after the antagonistic lovers come to the realization that they are meant to be together.

 The romance novel Seeds of Destiny by Theresa Conway offers a prime example of the prototype spanking scenario.  The hero’s name is, interestingly enough, Tanner, and the spoiled Southern Belle is Caitlyn.   Of course they do NOT hit is off when they first meet, and it isn’t long before there is a foreshadowing of what is to come:  “His blue eyes flashed lightening as they stared into hers, just inches away. “I ought to give you a good spanking, you little brat!  At the very least, I ought to slap you silly—that would shut you up!” 

As we all know, ( and have been waiting for) Tanner makes good on his promise:  

 His hand was on her arm and he was turning her around to face him.  “Why is it that you are the only woman who can make me act like a cad?” he wondered out Loud.

    “Because you are a cad, Mr. Malone!” she said with an infuriating smile of superiority.  “And a Yankee!  I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to change that.  And now would you mind leaving so I can go to bed?”

    “You’ll go to bed all right, but I am going to give you something to think about while you’re in it!” he vowed, pulling her toward the bed and sitting down on it. With a swift twist of his arm, he pulled her down and placed her across his lap.  “I am sick and tired of your bratty ways!” So saying, he reached down and lifted the hem of her dress over her head.

   At first Caitlyn was so disoriented from the brandy she had no idea what he was doing.  As she felt his fingers on the waistband of her pantalets, she tried to reach back to stop him. But her chest was squashed against his knees and there was no way to such in enough breath to scream at him to stop. When she felt air touch her naked bottom as he pulled her pantalets down to her knees she thought she would die of shame.  She would kill him.  Or she would tell Brant what he had done and he would shoot him.

     “OH!” The word was jerked from her as she felt the palm of his hand come down harshly on her flesh.  Again it came down and she squirmed desperately.  “Ouch, that hurts!” she yelled as loudly as she could.

     “You’re damn right it hurts!” he said through clenched teeth.  “It’s something I’ve been threatening to do –something your father should have done when you first started  exhibiting this kind of behavior –something I will instruct Brant to do if you continue acting this way!” he threatened.

    “You—let me up this minute!” she cried, real tears falling from her eyes as he continued to smack her with the palm of one hand while the other hand was pressed into her back, effectively keeping her across his knees.

     When he was satisfied that her bottom was hurting more than the palm of his hand, he let her slide to the ground, where she tumbled onto her back, struggling to cover herself with her hoopskirt. Glaring up at him she scrambled to her feet, her dark blue eyes flashing fire and her bosom heaving.

    “Mr. Malone—“   “Be careful what you say, Caitlyn,” he warned her, not about to be subjected to any outbursts from her.  “I’ve still got another good hand, but I doubt your bottom could stand another spanking at this moment.”


This, of course, leads to marriage.  It seems as if the spanking is necessary to show the heroine that her man is not going to take any crap! Only then can she surrender.  Before the onset of the romance novel phenomenon in the seventies and eighties, Hollywood showed us similar spankings; McClintock is a stellar example.  But in print the naughty vixen suffers the additional humiliation of having her pantalets taken down, an act which many times offers her man his first delightful glimpse of what is hidden under her petticoats.  What other reason would he have to unveil her while they are still enemies!  The romance novel is less about sex than it is about foreplay, and it seems, that a good spanking is a step in the journey to sexual fulfillment. 

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