lesbian advice

What lesbians would advise you to do for your lady

Who knows women better than they do? Exactly, we asked lesbians how would they advise us to please our gorgeous women, and here’s what they recommend.

Don’t rush

Start with a gentle massage with aromatic oil, because this way you can explore the body of your partner, how she reacts to your touch, where she’s the most vulnerable and what are her favorite erogenous zones. When she is wearing a sexy lingerie, massage her breasts gently and slowly with both hands while using lubricants. Massage with circular movements and also lick her nipples, this is something most women really enjoy.

The tricky part is: refrain from sex for as long as you can. Try to be united with the body of your partner through a mutual magical touch. After some time and when you’re sure she’s relaxed and wet, gently touch and rub the outer part of her vaginal … Spank More


Cunnilingus – Don’t learn how to do it watching porn!

Sure, porn has a lot of good sides, but it also misrepresents almost everything about sex, and cunnilingus is one of the things on this list. If you think that watching porn will help you understand how to orally please a woman, you may be the right candidate for reading one of many online guides to female genitalia.

What’s wrong with cunnilingus in porn?

Basically, it’s showing cunnilingus like something that should be done with quick, mechanical “up & down” movements of your tongue. In fact, if you start moving your tongue like that immediately after she takes her clothes off, there’s a very low possibility you’ll satisfy her. Although women love to feel your tongue on their clitoris, quick moves will work only after they’ve already been aroused. This means you should start with slow and gentle kissing closer to the clitoris, lick the inside of her thighs, then … Spank More

women dont want

What women really don’t like during sex – Good to know!

Maybe it’s because of all that “macho” attitude, but a lot of men still don’t have any idea what they’ve been doing wrong during sex for most of their lives. This list is just pointing out the obvious mistakes guys make with their partners, and we strongly suggest you to read it and learn once and for all.

Too much tenderness is unnecessary

Tenderness is usually desirable, but not when we’re talking about wild sex during which some stupid questions like “Can I?” should never be asked. Women appreciate a good lover who knows what he’s going to do next and how to prepare them for it without questions; for example, just one bold look can command a girl to undress. It’s better to be gentle after sex when women need tenderness the most.

Sex is more than just an orgasm

If you don’t want your girl to leave the … Spank More

sex tips for women

What you really shouldn’t be doing – A couple of sex tips for the ladies

Dear ladies, if you think your partner will like something during sex – it doesn’t necessarily mean he will. Believe us, a lot of men are still acting like gentlemen today, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying that you’re doing something wrong, and some things you shouldn’t do at all. Be kind to your boyfriends and husbands, read these simple (and reasonable) tips and you’ll both enjoy having sex with each other even more.

Don’t use your teeth during oral sex

If you enjoy when your man’s nibbling your ear, it doesn’t mean that you should do it with his dick. While you’re giving him a blow job your teeth have absolutely nothing to do with his penis. Most men really don’t like when you’re nibbling their penis, and it’s even worse if you start griding it with your teeth, because it usually doesn’t give them … Spank More


Pokémoan – Gotta get ‘em all!

The world has officially gone crazy for Pokémon this year, but not everyone is a fan. In fact, there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what the whole fuss is about, but this… this is something completely different. Believe it or not, Geeky Sex Toys brand from Australia has released a collection of Pokémon sex toys! The company initially began with a first run of 100 Pokémoan products, but a surge of interest has pushed them to create more toys. We present to you the world’s first Pokemon sex toys – Pokemoan dildos.

Each character will bring you pleasure

These are hand-made, 100% skin safe silicone sex toys and each of them represents a recognizable Pokémon character with unique “sexual power”, so choose carefully. “Bulby” is two inches wide and 16cm long for deep stimulation which is guaranteed to help most women to reach an orgasm. “Squirty” is slightly … Spank More